About Us

Founded in 2013 with a strong focus on world class cyber security services, LinearStack was built from the ground up in Auckland, New Zealand.Our passion for making information security simple and accessible for all organisations is the fuel that fires our engine.

We’re a growing team of certified Cyber Defence Analysts, Threat Hunters, Incident Responders,CTI specialists, Malware analysts, security architectures and engineers with two geo-redundant operations centre across the globe.

We’re 100%privately held, grown with a family mindset. When working with clients, we’re well integrated within their teams and act as an extension of their operations.Augmenting existing teams is a transition we manage smoothly, empowering our customers to prioritise cyber security strategy while we protect their business from cyber threats 24x7.

We believe maintaining thriving IT systems and assuring the protection of data are fundamental needs that all businesses deserve.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to make information security
simple and accessible for
every organization."

Values Our Clients Trust


We take on the responsibility of our clients' protection from cyber threats so they are free to focus on their core business without worrying about security. We are committed to direct action and response by being unapologetically dedicated to the safety of our clients' business.    
We want your business to thrive, not strive at the expense of a cyber threat.

Reducing Complexity 

Our job is to keep security as simple for our clients as possible. With LinearStack, you have access to cyber security analysts and engineers who want to see technology installed with a proper framework, even in the most complex environments. We work with your existing technology and your technology partners to produce results from day one to move you efficiently towards a solidified position in your cyber security journey. 


Security is not just about protecting technology; it’s about protecting one another. We believe that by ensuring a flourishing cybersecurity program for you, your business can be free to work earnestly in bettering this world we all share. And we promise to do the same too — with our young, diverse team, we are constantly striving to make a positive impact in our work and in our community.  

Our Team Values

Communicate & be the difference   

We believe and operate under the principle that open communication between the team and management ensures our position as both an effective and progressive business.  We communicate to be seen, innovate, share ideas, build trust and avoid failure, to be seen as a leader and most importantly a trusted advisor.  

Often when a big challenge arises, it's the result of a small problem which has snowballed out of control. We recognize that seeking help is a sign of strength, courage and pathway to growth. When used at the right time, asking for help will avoid complications caused by lack of communication, experience and pride. 

When in doubt, give a shout

Be the answer    

Innovative ideas and solutions produce results. Therefore, we strive to find effective solutions for our clients, our suppliers and our teammates. Our ability to be the answer must be a force to drive progress, and we must strive to have a positive impact in our work and in our community. 

Collective experience and shared knowledge make a team stronger. By sharing what our mindset and actions were when working through a tricky situation, others in the team will know where to go and who to call on when in that situation. We rise by lifting one another.   

Comradery is an asset  


There is no room for ego or politics in this work. We believe pride and unprofessionalism will not just hurt our reputation and reliability; it will risk damage to our clients’ business.   

Our commitment to clients is to make security as simple and efficient as possible. This means we are responsible for achieving our goals and being proactive in providing the utmost protection for clients.