For a more secure and compliant business environment
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For a more secure and compliant business environment.

For a more secure and compliant business environment

Who is this for?

Our Identity and Access Management services are designed for organizations who have a complex and constantly changing multi-user and multi-tech environment. They need to manage access properly to keep sensitive information and IP in the right hands.

Focus on your business

Keep your team on day-to-day business and strategy, while we look after security in the background.

No more drowning in alerts

We look after analysis, so you see only the alerts you need to respond to.

Save money

No need to manage and fund your own SOC team.

Sleep at night

Continual monitoring means you are guarded 24/7 by a team of security experts.

Secure identity management for better access control and a smoother user experience

Professional Services

Advantages for your business

Full control and visibility of access permissions
  • More control – define access and privilege levels according to people’s role and authority.
  • Centralized – have greater visibility on access use and trends.
  • Compliant – IAM software means you can prove your compliance with privacy laws.
  • Confidence – know that only authorized, authenticated staff have access to certain information.

Robust identity and access management

  • Fit-for-purpose solutions based on your risk profile and compliance needs.
  • Role-based access control and design according to the principle of least privilege (POLP).
  • Give the right people the right access to the right information across software, networks and databases.
  • Zero-trust security to prevent accidental (default) access to restricted areas.
  • Regular audits to keep your IAM robust and up-to-date and to remove orphaned accounts.
  • Multi-factor authentication for higher levels of security on your most sensitive information.
  • Application of correct governance and policies, such as RBAC, IAM, PAM and PIM.  

Process For

For a more secure and compliant business environment

We'll be with you every step of the way to ensure seamless integration


Detect and assess the attack.


Contain the attack.


Recover and remediate any damage.


Investigate to improve security posture

Why LinearStack?

Find out why you should put your trust in us and what sets us apart from the competition.

Compliance readiness

Meet the world of legislation, security standards and best practices with confidence. We set up your technology and systems so you are compliant.

Trained specialists

To run a robust security program, you need access to unique skillsets. Each member of our team is a trained expert in their security niche so that the defense of your data and infrastructure is efficiently managed by the person best suited to the task.

Tailored to suit

We design custom IAM solutions according to your unique needs and environment � from design through to implementation.

Make sure only the right people are accessing your sensitive business information